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Are you prepared for an emergency?

Are you prepared for your loved ones, in the case of emergency or your passing, to deal with your affairs—without having to rummage through desk drawers to locate information? Being organized when an emergency strikes eases the burden for grieving family members and allows your affairs to be handled the way you intended.

Storing essential information in one location can prove very beneficial. A ‘family binder’ can be used to organize and keep track of information, accounts, wishes, notes, etc. Anything you may want people to know in the event of an emergency or your death can be kept or noted in here. Items to consider including in the binder are: a copy of your photo ID, power of attorney (POA), copy of your will and estate information, bank and financial statements, passwords, insurance details, special instructions or posthumous wishes. Being able to easily access your basic medical information may be important for your family and caregivers.

This ‘family binder’ will:

  • Help you keep important information organized and in a safely stored centralized location.
  • Allow terminal patients to express their wishes or leave notes behind for loved ones.
  • Guide spouses or significant others in obtaining information on POAs, wills, trusts, bank accounts, etc. that their partner may have previously handled.

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Blog by Dani Hussung – Financial Assistant

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