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Comprehensive & Specialized Financial Services

Storen Financial is an independent investment and accounting firm in the Indianapolis area, serving clients in 43 states. Learn how we can help you develop a comprehensive, long-term financial plan that implements customized tax-saving strategies.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Financial Planning & Investments

Business Services

Why choose storen financial?

A Unique Approach to Financial Services

Our team of trusted professionals implement tax-saving strategies to help individual and business clients pursue financial goals.

With expertise in investing, IRAs, financial planning, tax preparation, and accounting, we offer services that cover all areas of your financial concerns under one roof.


Holistic Perspective

Investments, retirement planning and tax all converge to provide a complete view from all directions.


Acting in our clients’ best interest is at the heart of everything we do.

Tax Expertise

Focused on minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing future opportunities in all areas of our business.

Commitment to Education

Credentialed professionals focus on continual education and regulations.

Get to know Storen Financial…

A local institution for over 50 years with a focus on team, family, and community involvement, we pride ourselves on forward thinking innovations and dedicated customer service. We offer year-round, comprehensive options that implement tax-saving strategies to help individual and business clients pursue financial goals.



What are others saying about Storen Financial?


Trusted & Knowledgeable

Storen Financial has proven to be a trusted and knowledgeable, local resource for my personal and business tax filing and financial needs. Kim provided guidance and education to me on how best to structure my small business, saving me money and putting my mind at ease.


Helpful Fiduciary

This is a short note simply to let you know that I believe Ruth is a fine addition to the Storen Financial staff. She is professional, knowledgeable, very helpful and just as importantly, acted as a fiduciary in advising us with our Medicare choices.


Professionalism & Guidance

Wanted to say thanks to Brian. He did a fabulous job answering questions and giving us a snapshot of where we stand with our retirement goals. He was exceptional. We were pleased with Brian’s professionalism and guidance.

Learn from our QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor

Our goal at Storen Financial is to help our business clients become more efficient, more profitable, and all around better businesses. With this goal in mind, we’ve developed training courses aimed at isolating the most commonly asked questions and setting your business up for future success.

Led by our Advanced Certified ProAdvisors, our unique training environment will allow you to gain valuable best practice experience, specific training on common functionalities, and troubleshooting tips to maximize your efficiency.

Erika Lewis
Business Services Manager


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