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At Storen Financial, we find it important to keep you updated and informed. We host a series of educational seminars and events that share valuable information and interesting topics for our clients and the community.


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We are frequently creating educational events for our clients and surrounding community members. Click “read more” below each event to learn more. And check back frequently as we’re always adding new events!

Training Program: Understanding Your Financials

Class: Understanding Your Financials Led by our Business Services Director, this unique training environment will allow you to learn not just how to increase sales but to reduce cost, shift where you're spending your money, or a combination of all three. In-person...

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Training Program: Intro to QuickBooks Online

Class: Intro to QuickBooks Online Led by our Advanced Certified ProAdvisors, this unique training environment will allow you to gain valuable best practice experience, specific training on common functionalities, and troubleshooting tips to maximize your efficiency....

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How can we help?

At Storen Financial, we offer so much more than tax preparation and accounting services. We go beyond the numbers to provide our clients with financial planning, in-depth consulting, and year-round support. Looking for more info? Click below to learn more.


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Changes to 2022 Credits, Filing Scams, and Other Tax News

Tax Time Guide: Things to consider when filing a 2022 tax return "Unlike 2020 and 2021, there were no new stimulus payments for 2022, so taxpayers should not expect to get an additional payment in their 2023 tax refund... Some tax credits return to 2019 levels. This...

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Beneficial Apps for Data Security

Are you using a password manager app to prevent identity theft or fraud? If you are put off by the hassle of trying to remember your passwords for every single account, you might be tempted to use a short, memorable password instead. At Storen Financial, we know that...

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Video: Medicare General Enrollment Details

General enrollment is available through March 31st! Watch the recording of this virtual event where Ruth Hoffman, Storen Financial’s Medicare Benefits Specialist, walks you through the Medicare process, enrollment guidelines and addresses questions you might have...

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