Business Services

When you choose to work with Storen Financial, you are choosing to work with professionals who use a holistic approach with the aim to produce impactful results. We are continually focused on helping guide you on the path to achieving your goals. Our team will work with you to produce pricing strategies, build marketing campaigns, review financial statements, or even implement pieces of technology that will make you more efficient.

Holistic Approach

We collaborate with you for the big picture approach and guide decisions on your long term goals and plans.

Professional Guidance

When making decisions you will receive the most current information available.

Impactful Results

We strive to bring you results that impact your life, business, and future.

Client focused

We watch for the pitfalls that can bring danger to your business and highlight areas where you can improve.

 Collaborating along the path towards success.

Our business services team works with you each step of the way to ensure you build a strong vibrant business that can continually provide desired results.

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Business Services

When you choose to work with Storen Financial, you are choosing to work with professionals who use a holistic approach with the aim to produce impactful results. We are continually focused on helping guide you on the path to achieving your goals.

We provide not only the common accounting services, but also personal guidance on how to operate your business more efficiently. No matter where you are on the pathway of business ownership, we offer services that can help you move further down the path to success. We reduce tax liabilities, we streamline operations through sound simple processes, and we guide you in how to harness technology to increase your cash flow. Our business services include…

  • Business Startup Services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax & Financial Consulting
  • Employer Retirement Plans
  • Training Programs

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The Only Financial Resource You Need for Your Business

At Storen Financial, we offer a variety of services to help your business become more streamlined, more efficient and easier to manage. By working with our team of experienced professionals, we can provide financial guidance and offer you support throughout the year. Our goal is to help you save time and have peace of mind.

Business Startup Services

We can help you with the following items to get your business established and running.

  • Business Entity Selection
  • EIN Setup
  • Tax Entity Selection
  • State ID Account setup

Completing these four items correctly can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Startup plans need to be well thought out. We can walk you through each part of your plan, while identifying pitfalls that could cost you money.

Here’s a helpful checklist with some important steps to take as you navigate the process. Click here for details.

LLC, S-Corp, or Sole Proprietor, which is right for your business?

One of the most frequently asked questions we encounter involves tax status and business structure for small and medium-sized businesses. Whether you’ve picked up a side gig, left your corporate job in favor of consulting, or are looking to launch a hot new product with significant profit potential, selecting the appropriate business structure for your business needs is essential.

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Bookkeeping and Accounting

For many business owners this service may seem like a necessary evil that becomes an annoyance. For others that are really busy in building their business it feels like a time waster. Regardless of which boat you are in, we want to remove that burden. In doing so, we can teach you about the standard financial reports and how to use them to evaluate the financial health of the business. By working with us, we provide the following…


  • Bookkeeping & Account Reconciliation
  • Financial Statement Preparation & Consultation
  • QuickBooks Consulting with our Intuit QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors
  • QuickBooks Desktop to Online Conversions
  • Training Programs and Education (QuickBooks Online, Accounting Best Practices, and much more)

NEW! Training programs designed to boost your business!

Our goal at Storen Financial is to help our business clients become more efficient, more profitable, and all around better businesses. We aim to be your go-to resource in our community! With those goals in mind, we’re developing training courses aimed at isolating the most commonly asked questions and setting your business up for future success in a format that works for your busy schedule.

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Tax and Financial Consulting

One service that many business owners crave is regular business consultation. When you work with Storen Financial you will gain access to individuals who can offer tax savings, increase your profits, and build a large nest egg for retirement. Our consulting services are unlike any in the area because you are working with individuals who are professionally licensed in these areas. We understand the tax code, business metrics, and retirement strategies. By choosing us to advise you on your business, you will get…


  • Question & Answer Sessions
  • Worksheets and Templates for Business Operations
  • On-site Visits to Your Business Location as Requested

Why is it important for business owners to understand financial statements?

Without a solid understanding of financial statements, it’s nearly impossible to make accurate profit projections for the next year. Additional risks include not having the cash flow to meet short-term or long-term obligations, hiring more employees than the business can support, and being crippled by debt if certain ratios are off.

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Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

At Storen Financial we take the headache of finding and managing your company’s retirement plan away from you. Our Business Retirement Advisors will work with you through the entire process, ensuring a successful retirement program implementation for your business. We offer business retirement solutions to meet a wide variety of needs.


  • 401(k) Plans including Solo 401(k)’s
  • Simple (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees) IRA Plans
  • SEP (Simplified Employee Pension) IRA Plans

3 Ways Employer-Sponsored Retirement Options Boost Retention

75% of new hires at a company offering a 401(k) say that a retirement plan provides a compelling reason to stay. While raises and bonuses can fluctuate with company performance and other external factors, benefits like 401(k) matching equates to a more reliable and equitable incentive for all employees.

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