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Storen Financial is continually growing. We are grateful for our current client base and the many new clients arriving daily. Because of this growth and to keep up with the demand, we are hiring a variety of positions. To learn more about each position and to apply, please visit our careers page.

Financial Advisor – The Investment Team at Storen Financial is seeking a certified, financial advisor, with 3-5 years of experience working with advisory clients. This individual would have the opportunity to work with and lead our investment team as our business and client base continues to expand. This position would assist in the planning and direction of the company. They will be expected to bring on new clients while contributing to our investment goal of growing from $128M in managed assets to $200M in managed assets. Having a solid knowledge of taxes and tax strategies is beneficial. As a fiduciary, advising the client in their best interest is of utmost importance as we strive to help our clients reach their retirement goals.

Tax Team Lead and CPA – The Tax Team at Storen Financial is searching for the right person to lead our tax group, while working with businesses and individuals for their tax advice and preparation. The ideal candidate would be comfortable leading our group of preparers in team planning and training meetings and be skillful in meeting the needs of our tax clients. They would also serve as a Team Lead for this area within the company and assist with the goals and direction of the company. Having CPA or EA certification is required.

Small Business and Individual Tax Accountant – The Tax Team at Storen Financial is looking for a competent, self-motivated tax accountant to work with small businesses and individuals. The ideal candidate would be self-motivated, with strong attention to detail and a desire to help small business owners with tax strategies. Click here to learn more.

Bookkeeper – The Business Services Team at Storen Financial is seeking a detail-oriented individual who has experience and certification in QuickBooks. The position will focus on working with business clients for their monthly reporting, reconciliation, and other accounting duties. This position will report to our Business Services Manager.

Reach out to debbi@storenfinancial.com with any questions.


Blog by Debbi Kuller – Business Development Manager

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