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Great Turnout for Storen Financial’s Shred Day!

Our Shred Day here at Storen Financial was well attended. Cars were lined up at 9 am, and traffic flow continued until 11 am. We hosted a multitude of families as they shredded their documents, with an impressive total of 5,900 pounds, or 2.68 metric tons of paper. This is 2,140 pounds more than what we shredded during our last Shred Day in 2021!

Thank you to:

  • Those who gathered their documents and brought them to us to shred
  • EcoShred for manning the truck and secure document destruction, even through technical difficulties
  • Our amazing team of employees for spending their Saturday morning serving our clients at this event


Why is the event valuable to our clients?

Shred Day provides an excellent opportunity for clients to safely dispose of personal financial information that may be outdated or is no longer needed. Simply throwing these intact documents away puts you at risk for identity fraud. That’s why our team provides this complimentary event as well as sets our clients up with a secure digital portal, where you can store all financial documents in one place only you have access to. No keeping track of physical documents necessary! (Click here to learn more about our digital portal.)

Not sure when to get rid of your financial records, such as your tax returns? Check out our blog on how long you should keep these documents. (Click here to read this blog.)



Blog by Debbi Kuller – Chief Operating Officer

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