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Read what Joy Taylor, Editor of Kiplinger Tax Letter, has to say about how long you should keep your tax returns.

Article from Kiplinger

As a general rule, you should keep your tax returns and supporting documents for at least three years from the due date of your return. That’s generally how long the IRS has to question items on your return and to bill you for any additional tax. It’s also generally the timeframe to file an amended return to seek a refund. There are situations when the IRS can audit even older returns. The IRS can go back up to six years if your return omits more than 25% of income. If fraud is proven, there is no limit. Also, you may have to keep your state tax returns for longer than three years, depending on your state’s rules.

Don’t automatically throw out all of your tax returns and records after three years. Look over old documents to see if you might need any parts of them in the future. Here are some common examples of records and returns that you should keep longer than three years…

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*Note: Indiana also recommends three years for state tax documents.


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