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Even though tax season is over, things continue to be busy around our office as we help clients with investments and tax planning. We are also enjoying regular visits from our associate’s children who are here doing some of their online schooling. School is in session, but not in the traditional way this year.

As students move to doing school virtually on select days of the week, this challenges working parents. At Storen Financial, we’ve set up study areas so the kids can do their virtual learning at the office. We enjoy hosting the students a few days a week, with just one to three of them here at time. Study breaks are great for Churchie because it’s playtime in the office!

“Once I heard about our employee’s kids being home for online school several days a week, I thought how we could open up office spaces and have the kids join us here at work!”

Eliza, 7th grade, enjoys coming to work with her mom because the office is so comfortable and it’s easy to find a good quiet place to study and do her virtual learning.

Jaxson, 2nd grade, says he likes coming to Mommy’s work and being her assistant.

Corbin, high school senior, enjoys studying alongside his dog Tank (Churchie’s BFF).

At Storen Financial, we try to provide a positive environment for our associates. We are pleased to be able to create a safe, comfortable place for the kids to do their virtual learning as a convenient change of scenery for them. Of course, if they need help with math, we are pretty good at that subject!

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Blog by Kim Storen, EA – Managing Tax Accountant, Business Services Manager

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