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Being a planner pays off at tax time, but what if you haven’t kept your bookkeeping up-to-date and have lackluster organization skills? Don’t worry. You can start the process right now and still meet the established deadline.

First off, call your tax advisor for an appointment. Then, as the tax documents start to arrive, review and organize them. Don’t forget to go through your expenses looking for anything that might be tax deductible. Next, work on calculating your sales totals and collecting payroll information. Be sure to include any benefits paid to your employees.

Once the dust has settled on this tax season, work with your tax advisor to determine a plan for next year’s tax season. The peace of mind you’ll gain will be immeasurable.


How to Get Ready for Your Tax Appointment as a Small Business

Article from Block Advisors

If you’re meticulously planning for income taxes year-round, making a tax appointment with your tax advisor probably doesn’t induce anxiety. Maybe you have all required documents neatly organized in folders, or you’re using an accounting application that you’ve kept up with conscientiously throughout the year, so your tax advisor can run the reports he or she needs and get any other relevant information and forms from you.

But if you have trouble staying on top of your bookkeeping, that kind of organization may be a stretch for you. So, how do you get ready for your tax appointment with nothing organized? You can’t go back and do things differently. Start where you are now. Click here to continue reading this article.


Blog by Kim Storen, EA – Managing Tax Accountant, Business Services Manager

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