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Martha Medlen, AFSP

Tax Preparer, Bookkeeper

Martha has been a part of the Storen team since 2017. She is an IRS annual seasonal tax preparer. She assists the preparers with data entry, organizing client files and contacting clients regarding their returns. The question that led her into the tax accounting field, was “why do we pay so much in taxes?”. Martha attended tax school, then did taxes for several years, prior to joining Kim and Greg and the team here at Storen.

Originally, Martha’s family is from a small town in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. Due to a transfer through the racing industry, they were transplanted to Brownsburg in 2007. Her favorite activity is to travel with her family, making frequent travels to Europe, which leads them to cooking school in Italy. She enjoys shopping, decorating, cooking, gardening and reading and visiting their cabin in the Appalachian Mountains, along with their dog, Shaggy.


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