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Read what IU Distinguished Professor of Astronomy, Catherine Pilachowski, says about the upcoming total solar eclipse.

Article from News at IU

What will people who are in the path of totality experience during the eclipse?

First, it will get dark during the four minutes of totality. Viewing the eclipse safely means having a solar viewer of some kind during the partial phases — specifically, eclipse glasses that are safe for looking at the sun.

Never ever look at the sun — even a partially covered sun — with the naked eye. But, during totality, toss that viewer aside and just look. We’ll be able to see the glow around the sun from the solar corona — this is material that is being blown away from the solar surface. And, if we’re lucky, we’ll see prominences around the edge of the moon.

I find that as a total eclipse occurs, I am just mesmerized by the phase of totality. Being able to see the planets in the sky — all five of the classic naked-eye planets will be in the sky around the sun during the total eclipse phase in 2024. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mars will all be up there, although Mercury will be too faint to see.

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