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Kim Storen and Greg Storen attended the American Tax Professional Group Meeting (ATPG) in Helena, MT this week. This is group of 15 large tax practice owners from around the country. Large is defined as a practice preparing from 500 tax returns to 9000 returns (Storen completes approximately 5400 annually).

These meetings give our team an opportunity to hear various professionals speak from the IRS and other non-governmental agencies. This meeting also gives us a chance to hear from other practice owners about their business, what works, didn’t work and changes they are making for the future. We all learn from each other and ask a tremendous amount of questions in regard to softwares, pricing, scheduling, etc.

Each practice provides their financial data for a fiscal year and trends within their business. We all learn from each other, our successes and our mistakes. We were able to hear from Kelly Myers, MBA, EA in regard to technical information for passive loss, rental property, QBID, etc… Kelly is retired from the IRS and now does consulting for CPA’s and their clients.

Storen Financial is commited to being your local financial expert, with over 400 hours of continuing education are logged each year by our staff.