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Blog by Greg Storen, MBA – Owner, Storen Financial

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin spoke these words over two hundred years ago and they have never been more true. I have always thirsted for education and personal growth but as a business owner responsible for the financial successes of my clients, I understand having a deep and adapting knowledge of tax code, IRA rules and regulations, stock and bond markets, political environments, etc. are key to getting the job done right.

Fifteen years ago, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend my first Ed Slott IRA seminar. It is two days of intense IRA training where we learned the ins and outs of IRS code section 590. Ed explained to us his mission to train advisors to be educated in the world of IRAs with a depth of knowledge that only serious, devoted advisors can obtain. At the conclusion of the seminar, he extended an invitation for attendees to join the Ed Slott Master Elite IRA Group. Only advisors that were willing to take two exams and attend two educational meetings per year would be welcomed into his group. I agreed and jumped in feet first.

I have been studying with Ed for 14 years and the benefits for myself and my clients have been enormous. Currently in our group, we have approximately 300 advisors throughout the country. We meet twice per year to discuss IRA updates, tax law, and review the basics. It is a great chance for us to meet with our peers and learn from them. These meetings house some of the nation’s best and brightest advisors all in one room ready to learn and grow. Amidst IRA discussions, Ed invites world-renowned speakers to discuss various topics such as social security, trusts, social media, politics, and economics. As an Ed Slott Master Elite Advisor, I receive access to Ed’s professional technical team. Ed provides his advisors three technicians to answer any and all of our complicated IRA questions. These three have devoted themselves to mastering the world of IRAs to provide us unbelievable support in answering some of the most complicated IRAs and company plan issues. I have consistently utilized these technicians over the years to assure the work I am doing and the recommendations I am making are prudent for my clients.

I always work to be the best advisor for my clients. Continuing to learn and grow my knowledge is the key to their success. I can never stop expanding my mind in order to look for better ways to enhance the way we do business for our clients. Joining the Ed Slott Master Elite IRA Group 14 years ago has taken my quest for knowledge and growth and allowed me to place it at the forefront of how we conduct business at Storen Financial Advisory Group.

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