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Have questions about Medicare? General enrollment is available through March 31st.

Join us for this virtual event on February 22nd, where Ruth Hoffman, Storen Financial’s Medicare Benefits Specialist, walks you through the Medicare process, enrollment guidelines and addresses questions you might have about this health insurance option. This informational event is intended to help individuals coming on to Medicare understand what options they have, as well as help those already on Medicare understand how their benefits work.

Get answers to these questions and much more:
– How do I apply for Medicare benefits?
– If I’m still working and have employer health insurance, do I need to enroll in Medicare?
– What are Medicare late enrollment penalties?
– What is IRMMA and how will that affect my Part B Premium?
– Learn more about other parts of Medicare that are run by private insurance companies.


Virtual Online Zoom Event

Event Date: Tuesday, February 22
Time: 11:00am


Click here to RSVP. Instructions on how to log on to this virtual Zoom event will be sent via email. Click here to learn more about Zoom.


Presented by Ruth Hoffman – Medicare Benefits Specialist

Learn more about Ruth and the rest of the Storen Financial team here.