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We’re excited to share our new welcome video!

We’re excited to share our new welcome video and give you a look inside Storen Financial. Learn more about our team approach and core values.

Follow along with the conversation…

Greg Storen: “I’m Greg Storen. This is my wife, Kim Storen. And we started Storen Financial group in 1999.”

Kim Storen: “Storen Financial is a comprehensive financial planning and accounting firm that does investments, taxes, and business services. We really specialize in trying to bring all three of those pieces together for everybody.”

Greg: “With the idea that as clients evolve overtime and grow, they grow with us, and whether that’s going from tax services into financial planning or somebody that’s going to start a small business that needs independent, individual income tax, we can share and collaborate together and answer those questions for a client under our single roof.”

Debbi Kuller: “When you walk in to Storen Financial and our office, we hope that you have a fantastic greeting from the first time you come through those doors and the first time you make a phone call to our office. We hope that welcoming smile and that team member that greets you is going to give you a great idea of what’s to come in your experience here. And then to the check-out point, when you’re getting checked out from your appointment and sent on your way, that’s our hope that you have that ultimate experience from start to finish.

I’m Debbi Kuller, and I am the Tax and Accounting Director at Storen Financial. One of the things I like best about working here is our team approach. I feel like our team, from all the different areas of our business, just collaborate and work together so well and each of them supports the other. The thing about us all collaborating so well that’s really neat is that we have weekly meetings. Each group has their own meeting, and so they’re constantly working on education and training and support of their group to learn more, and the ultimate goal is always that we’re just better for our clients.

Another unique piece that we can offer, and I find it very special, is that all of our financial advisors are also tax preparers and professionals. So, they’re credentialed, and they can talk to the client about tax planning and strategy as well advise them in their retirement planning and their investments. And that’s incredibly unique, and it’s very special as a service that we’re about to offer in that full relationship.

Being apart of the community is hugely important to us as individuals but also as a company. Our company, Storen Financial, is connected to and involved in so many organizations in our local communities. It’s very important to Kim and Greg and to our leadership and to all the team here, our whole team of professionals, is involved in and connected to different groups throughout the communities that we lived in. And so, supporting those groups and being apart of them by volunteering, being on boards and servicing them is just a wonderful way for us to give back.”

Greg: “We want clients to have the services they need to be financially successful under one roof. And if we have successful clients, then we’re going to be happy as a company, an organization, and that’ll take us forward. Because there are generations to come and we want those families of our current clients to also come in and see us.”

Kim: “I feel like we have such a great story. We have such a great team and so many ways to help clients that I’m always excited for people to call and come and just meet us and find out what we can do for them.”

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Blog by Debbi Kuller – Chief Operating Officer

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