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Financial Advisor, Brian Biggs discusses the foundational elements of Social Security in this 3-part video series.

In this 3-part video series, one of our Financial Advisors, Brian Biggs, will walk you through the basic elements of Social Security and how it relates to a well thought out retirement plan. Brian works with many clients who are nearing retirement age and thought it would be good to discuss some of the common questions he receives about social security. This 3-part series will include, the basics of Social Security, Social Security for couples and Social Security for singles.

Part 1 – Social Security Basics

In this first video, Brian will walk you through…

• Benefits of Social Security (retirement income, death benefits / life insurance for families, disability)
• Outlook of Social Security  (will it be there in the future?)
• How Social Security fits in a retirement plan
• Recommendations on where to start

Check back on our blog next month for Part 2! And as always, if you have any questions or if you would like to review your retirement plan, please contact us. (Click here for contact information). Or if you’d like to learn more about our retirement planning and investment services, click here.

Want to learn more? Here’s an additional resource for you…


Social Security Basics: 12 Things You Must Know About Claiming and Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

Article from Kiplinger.com

Claiming Social Security benefits at the right time means more money in your pocket. Here’s a guide to everything from knowing your full retirement age to taking Social Security spousal benefits.

1) Find Your Social Security ‘Full Retirement Age’
2) How Do You Become Eligible for Social Security Benefits
3) How Are Your Social Security Benefits Calculated?
4) There’s an Annual Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA)
5) Your Monthly Social Security Benefits Increase the Longer You Wait to Claim
6) There’s a Social Security Spousal Benefit
7) Other Pensions Might Reduce Your Social Security Benefits
8) There Are Social Security Survivor Benefits for Spouses and Children
9) You Can Claim Social Security Benefits Earned by Your Ex-Spouse
10) You Can Undo a Social Security Benefits Claiming Decision
11) You May Have to Pay Taxes on Social Security Benefits
12) Beware the Social Security Earnings Test

Click here to read this full article from kiplinger.com.


Presented by Brian Biggs, CPA – Financial Advisor, Senior Tax Accountant

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