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Business Services Director, Erika Lewis, discusses QuickBooks Online in this video series.

In this video series, one of our Financial Assistants, Joseph Cavazos, and our Communications Specialist, Kaylee Kriese, will sit down with financial advisors, accountants, and business service specialists to discuss hot topics and more. Our goal with this video series is to educate and provide resources that will help guide you along your financial journey. In this interview, Erika Lewis, our Business Services Director and QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor, will answer the frequently asked questions she receives from clients.

QuickBooks Online – The Basics

In this video, Erika will walk you through…

• The QuickBooks Online features you should be using but might not be
• What to do with your receipts once you’ve set up QuickBooks Online

When you choose to work with Storen Financial, you are choosing to work with professionals who use a holistic approach with the aim to produce impactful results. We are continually focused on helping guide you on the path to achieving your goals. We provide not only the common accounting services, but also personal guidance on how to operate your business more efficiently. No matter where you are on the pathway of business ownership, we offer services that can help you move further down the path to success. We reduce tax liabilities, we streamline operations through sound, simple processes, and we guide you in how to harness technology to increase your cash flow.

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Presented by Erika Lewis – Business Services Director

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