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Tax Accountant, Jack Adair, discusses the QuickBooks Online Projects feature in this video series.

In this video series, one of our Financial Assistants, Joseph Cavazos, and our Communications Specialist, Kaylee Kriese, will sit down with financial advisors, accountants, and business service specialists to discuss hot topics and more. Our goal with this video series is to educate and provide resources that will help guide you along your financial journey. In this interview, Jack Adair, one of our tax accountants, will answer the frequently asked questions he receives from clients.

QuickBooks Online Projects

In this video, Jack will walk you through…

• What the QuickBooks Online Projects feature is
• Why the QuickBooks Online Projects feature is important
• Who should use the Quickbooks Online Projects feature

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Intuit QuickBooks Online Review

Article from Business News Daily

QuickBooks Online automates tasks, making accounting less time-consuming and less stressful for small business owners. Using the software, you can send recurring invoices and payment reminders, sync data from bank and credit card transactions and reconcile expenses, all of which eliminate the need to do so manually.  Click here to continue reading this article from Business News Daily.


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Presented by Jack Adair, CPA – Tax Accountant

Learn more about Jack and the rest of the Storen Financial team here.