All returns that have not been completed need to be completed by Tuesday, October 15th. There are NO second extensions. Contact our office with questions or to schedule a time to complete your return. Our office hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm on Tuesday. If you are unable to pick up your returns by 4:30pm on Tuesday, we can send the forms to you for digital signature. Thanks for a great tax season!

Don’t Miss That Oct. 15 Tax Extension Deadline

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If you got a tax extension back in April, it’s time to put your tax return at the top of your to-do list again — the tax extension deadline to file is Oct. 15. Here’s how it works.

Does this apply to me?

  • If you filed IRS Form 4868 on or before the April 2019 filing deadline, the tax extension deadline gives you until Oct. 15 — an extra six months — to file your tax return.
  • If you didn’t file IRS Form 4868 on or before the April 2019 tax filing deadline, and you didn’t file your return either, you’d better get on it right away — your taxes are likely very, very late. The IRS can assess interest on your outstanding tax bill, as well as failure-to-file penalties and failure-to-pay penalties.
  • Some people automatically get more time.

What happens if I miss the October tax extension deadline?

  • You’ll owe more interest. A tax extension gives you more time to file your return, not more time to pay.
  • You may owe a higher late-payment penalty. The IRS’ late-payment penalty normally is 0.5% per month of the outstanding tax not paid by the April deadline. The maximum penalty is 25%. You’re supposed to pay at least 90% of your tax liability by the April deadline, but this year you might catch a break on the penalty if you’ve paid at least 80% of your actual tax liability by the April deadline and you pay the rest with your return.
  • You may owe a late-filing penalty. The IRS can also sock you with a late-filing penalty of 5% of the amount due for every month or partial month your tax return is late. The maximum penalty is 25% of the amount due.

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