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As we are inundated with messages and information in relation to federal and state law updates and ways to adapt to our changing environment, we are offering a summary of resources for our clients. This collection of articles brings together a recap of information shared throughout the week. We hope you find these updates helpful!


Frustrated With The Stimulus Check Portal? IRS Says Try Again

Article from Forbes.com

We’re getting a lot of calls about this! “The IRS has announced significant enhancements to the Get My Payment tool. The enhancements, which started last week and continued through the weekend, adjusted several items related to the online tool, which debuted on April 15.” Click here to continue reading this article.


Indiana unemployment: Your questions answered

Article from www.indystar.com

Are you eligible for unemployment? “In an attempt to help Hoosiers better understand the program and how the changes would impact them, IndyStar compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions.” Click here to continue reading this article.


Coronavirus and your mortgage


“If you’re unable to make your mortgage payments, you could lose your home to foreclosure. Federal lenders and some private lenders are offering borrowers temporary help…” Click here to continue reading this article.


New Tax Filing Deadline Affects More Than Just Taxes

Video from www.morningstar.com

“Tax and retirement planning expert Ed Slott looks at financial aspects to consider now that the tax filing date is later.” Click here to watch this video.