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A Day Filled with Learning, Fun, and New Adventures

The entire Storen Financial team gathered for a day of training and education led by our Investment, Tax, Business Services, Admin, HR, Technology, and Communications team leaders. As always, this meeting was a lively, efficient way to regroup and refocus after a tremendously busy tax season as well as to strategize plans for the remainder of the year. As always, meetings like these instill in us the true feeling of connection and collaboration.

Highlights from the day included: Greg’s insights on the continual education provided to our team and clients, the progress and goals of our company to date, the importance of patience and gratitude, and the many beneficial ways we’re expanding our services.  Additionally, as part of our office theme of “gliding” through tax season and successfully “landing” on April 15th, we held a game called “Where in the World is…?” During this game, we guessed the location of each team member from their previous vacation pictures. Other fun and impactful additions include an upcoming all-team book study as part of our ongoing pursuit to always be learning! 

We are especially grateful to our team members for working to make each day a productive and positive experience. All of you ensure that there’s never a boring day in our office. Now, we’re ready to enter summer, explore new places, and keep up the pace through 2024!




Blog by Debbi Kuller – Chief Operating Officer

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