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Press Release from Mayor-Elect John Stehr

Zionsville Mayor-elect John Stehr has announced his transition team, which features a dynamic and experienced group of business, government, and nonprofit leaders.

The team will focus on key priorities of public safety, economic development, infrastructure, innovation, responsible growth and support of our schools. Deputy Mayor-designate Kate Swanson will lead the transition team through the process.

According to the Mayor-elect: “Kate and I are grateful to these experienced local leaders who are willing to help our town achieve a smooth transition.”

Over the coming weeks: the transition team will research, study, and talk with department heads, town employees, and others to prepare a report on current processes, organization, and policies.

“I want to thank Mayor Styron and her administration for clearing the way for this process to move forward,” Stehr said. “January 1st will be here before we know it. We want to be as ready as we can be to hit the ground in full stride in 2024.”


A member of the Transition Team includes our very own, Kim Storen.

Click here to read more in the article, “A new vision: Stehr refines plans to become Zionsville’s next mayor.”



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