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Why gift a Financial Consultation to your child or grandchild?

Oftentimes the reason recent college grads, newly married couples, and other Young Professionals feel like they are floundering in a sea of financial obstacles is because they don’t have the proper tools and education to succeed at the start of their professional journey.

That’s where you come in. If your child or grandchild is a Young Professional who’s navigating financial milestones such as learning how to balance a bank account, store an emergency fund, establish good credit, and save for retirement, we are offering a unique opportunity for you to gift a financial consultation this holiday season. This consultation is perfect for Young Professionals who want to take a forward-thinking approach and get on the right track to building wealth.


What is involved in a Financial Consultation for Young Professionals?

At Storen Financial, every consultation is different because every client has their own set of financial goals. Topics discussed during a consultation include recommendations on how to…

  • Set realistic short-term and long-term financial goals
  • Balance your bank account and budget sheet
  • Store an emergency fund
  • Understand your employer’s benefits package
  • Save for retirement
  • Purchase life insurance
  • List beneficiaries on your accounts
  • Consider a 529 College Choice plan for your children
  • Protect your data and prevent identity fraud


By gifting a Financial Consultation to your child or grandchild this holiday season, you enable them to sit down with an Advisory team that prioritizes one-on-one education and practical advice. In other words, you can help set a Young Professional up for financial success. If you are interested in gifting a consultation to a family member, contact us now for more details. (Click here for contact information.)

Interested in learning more about what we cover during a Financial Consultation for Young Professionals? Check out our blog, “10 Ways Young Professionals Can Build Wealth.” (Click here to read more.) Or check out our latest video for Young Professionals about 401(k) retirement plans. (Click here to watch our video.)



Blog by Kiran Sharma – Financial Advisor

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