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Happy New Year from Storen Financial!

Many people use the beginning of a new year as an opportunity to make changes in their life. One of the more common New Year’s resolutions is improving one’s financial health by saving more and/or spending less. If this is your resolution for 2020 or if improving your financial health is something you would find beneficial, we can help.

For many years, I have been receiving a quarterly personal financial publication from T.Rowe Price. As I perused this edition, one of the articles really caught my attention. The article laid out a “financial health” calendar for individuals and families to follow in order to improve their financial fitness over one year. Each month the article highlights an area or two in one’s financial life on which to focus. After reviewing the article, I came to the conclusion this would be a great exercise for me and my family. I am responsible for our family’s financial matters and have given it a lot of attention. But over the past few years, I have been guilty of spending less time overseeing this area.

Today, I am extending an invitation for you to join me over the next year reviewing and improving your financial health. We will be using the T.Rowe Price article as our guide and each month I will blog about a new financial topic or area to focus on. I plan to share resources and thoughts about the month’s topics in hopes it will help others to take the time to review and improve their financial health.

Thank you and I look forward to going through this exercise together!


A New Year Awaits: Your 2020 Financial Plan

Article from T. Rowe Price

Our monthly planning guide gives you tips and ideas that can help as you’re putting together your plan—and monitoring it—throughout 2020. Click here to read this article.



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