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As we dive headlong into summer — and to vacations and family outings — there may be a tendency to spend more money than perhaps you’ve budgeted for. This month, we look at your financial health and mindful spending.

Monthly Project Recap:

  • January – Set your intentions (goals, budgets, contributions)
  • February – Prepare for tax time (organize, file, invest)
  • March – Simplify your investments (old accounts, streamline, automate)
  • April – Improve your Financial Standing (credit report, debt, IRAs)
  • May – Invest in Education (529 plans, educate family)
  • June – Mid-year Check-up (budget review)
  • July – Mindful Spending (financial health, lifestyle inflation)

It’s important to be aware of your discretionary buying power before you commit to a purchase. If you need assistance with budget planning, give us a call.

Next month, an evaluation of your various insurance coverages is on tap, along with a review of your memberships and subscriptions. It’s time to check for discounted rates and if spending the extra money is truly a necessity.

Check back for more updates in the coming months! Find more updates and follow along here.


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