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Business Tax Transcripts

For those businesses looking to access their online IRS accounts, many have discovered they can’t access their tax information online at all. When asked about this, the FAQ page of the IRS responds, “IRS plans to develop an online account for business taxpayers in the future, enabling businesses to easily and securely manage their federal tax obligations.” Instead, businesses are encouraged to obtain a transcript by submitting Form 4506-T, otherwise known as a Request for Transcript of Tax Return. This makes the process somewhat more strenuous than if one was seeking out their personal account online (Source).

This lack of online presence for businesses has prohibited them from easily accessing answers that would otherwise be accessible on their personal return. Some of these things include:
• Answers to tax questions
• Reviewing account information
• Uploading or exchanging documents
• Receiving notification of delays
• Receiving notification on how to clarify an issue
• Logging into one portal in order to communicate with an IRS revenue agent, revenue officer, or appeals officer

For now, business taxpayers can consult the IRS website for any information about accessing their accounts through Form 4506-T. We will continue to update our blog as any changes in this process occur.

Information from IRS.gov – To learn more about accessing your IRS account- Click here to read more.

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