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Virtual tax appointments are both safe and convenient

When the pandemic hit, almost everything changed overnight. Social distancing and hand washing were on everyone’s minds as we tried to figure out the “new normal.” With quarantines in place, our lives became centered around virtual interactions. Online video collaboration platforms such as Zoom, were being used to conduct business, fitness classes, family gatherings, doctor’s appointments and happy hours. Did you know that you can also meet with your Storen Financial tax advisor as well?

Our online meetings are a safe, convenient and personal way to discuss financial issues and stay up-to-date on tax matters – even if you aren’t physically in the same room or even in the same state or country!

Here are some benefits of a virtual tax appointment:

  • It saves time: You don’t need to wait for your tax return to be completed. We will have it ready to discuss before the meeting so we can spend your valuable time reviewing the results and getting answers to your questions.
  • An all-virtual process: There is no need to come to the office to drop off files or pick up your return. Just upload your tax documents through our secure link, schedule a virtual meeting and receive your completed tax return via mail. This no-contact method ensures a safe transaction.
  • Convenient consultations: Conducting the meeting from the comfort of your location anywhere in the world allows for greater flexibility. You and your spouse can both be involved without depending on childcare for the meeting’s duration.
  • Easy reference later: Can’t recall a discussion point or a tax-saving idea? The online meetings can be recorded so you can refer to it in the future.

For more information on virtual tax appointments or to schedule one with your tax preparer, please contact our office at 317-852-7000. We are always happy to help you reach your goals – whether we meet in person or through an electronic device.


Blog by Jason P. Bailey, CPA – Business Services Manager, Tax Professional

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