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A day filled with learning, fun, and flashing lights

It’s that time of year again! The entire Storen Financial team gathered for a day of training and education. Our Investment, Tax, Business Services, Admin, HR, Technology, and Communications teams presented updates on the processes and procedures in their line of business. Meetings like these always instill in us the true feeling of being under one roof and collaborating. New and long-time employees enjoyed a day of interacting and learning from one another to remind us why team collaboration is so integral to everything we do.

Highlights from the day included: Greg’s review of the “Storen Standard” and why it’s important to make every connection count, trivia about our fellow employees, and the tax team’s electrifying presentation featuring flashing lights and letterman jackets. Special guests, Lisa Kellum and Shannon Spencer of Financial Wellness Advocates, presented the importance of providing services and comprehensive support to clients who are struggling and overwhelmed with financial matters. We were especially grateful to Grumpy Gringo for providing us a delicious lunch and to Tami Weider for treating us to so many amazing desserts!

Here at Storen Financial, continuing education is invaluable to our team of professionals, as it helps us expand our knowledge and serve our clients to the best of our ability. Having this exciting day to listen, learn, and communicate with each other never fails to prepare us for tax season and emphasize our need to offer an exceptional client experience. Learn more about our commitment to education here or click here to contact us with any questions.

Introducing your tax team lineup!

Kim Storen introduced each tax team member in style during their presentation. Watch this fun video to meet our tax professionals!

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Blog by Debbi Kuller – Chief Operating Officer

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