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A Comprehensive Approach That Emphasizes Planning and Strategy

Have you dreamed of starting or owning a business? Is your business needing a boost? Is your business in a state of expansion or growth? Regardless of where you are today along the path of business ownership, our Business Advisory Services program is designed to effect positive change through a comprehensive, forward-thinking approach that emphasizes planning and strategy.

Topics may include implementing ‘best practices’ for running your business, understanding your financials, and capitalizing on tax-efficiencies, all with the goal of maximizing profitability. This program is not “one-size-fits-all” but rather a multi-faceted approach that incorporates hands-on consulting sessions customized to your needs. During these consulting sessions, we examine the trajectory of your business, analyze your current state, and identify necessary steps to achieve your business and personal goals.


Answers to These Forward-Thinking Questions

This forward-thinking approach answers a myriad of questions you may have had since starting your business. Here are just a few examples…

  • Tax Entity – Should you be taxed as an S-Corp, Partnership, or Sole Proprietor?
  • LLC Strategies – Are you taking advantage of strategies such as income shifting, which can reduce your tax liability?
  • Business Operations and Documentation – Are your processes streamlined and efficient?
  • Cash Flow – Do you understand how money is flowing in and out of the business?
  • Analysis of Financials – Do you understand how to read your financial statements including the Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, or Cash Flow Statement?
  • Financial Software – Should you use accounting software to track income and expenses? Do you need assistance with the management of your financials and payroll setup?
  • “Audit Proofing” – Do you maintain accurate records to protect your business from an audit?
  • Fringe Benefits – Are you providing benefits such as insurance, Health Savings Accounts, or retirement accounts for you and your employees. Are you able to attract and retain the desired talent level by offering such benefits?
  • Financial Advisory – How can you invest the profits from your business to build wealth and prepare for retirement?
  • Succession Planning – Have you made considerations for transitioning or exiting your business? Where do you want to be 5, 10, or 20 years from now?


Cultivating a Partnership

Our Business Services team members are thoroughly equipped with the expertise to assess your needs and provide practical advice in order to expand your understanding of business principles. Throughout the duration of the Business Advisory program, we cultivate a partnership by offering unlimited communication and empower you to run your business confidently. Our ultimate mission is to guide businesses to success by creating a roadmap for how to achieve their goals.

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Blog by Erika Lewis – Business Services Director

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