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The Storen Balance Sheet serves as your financial blueprint.

A builder would never begin construction on a new home without drawing blueprints for every room in the house. In the same way, your Storen Financial advisor relies on the Storen Balance Sheet to serve as your financial blueprint for the present and years to come. In layman’s terms, a balance sheet is a tool that tracks your financial position by calculating your assets, liabilities, and any owner-held equity for a given period of time.

The Storen Balance Sheet is one of the ingredients to our ‘secret sauce’ that distinguishes us from every other financial service firm. This unique tool allows our advisors to analyze all your pertinent financial data in one neatly organized sheet. Using various formulas and equations embedded in the sheet, your advisor can run various scenarios and discuss future events with real numbers in real time.

The Storen Balance Sheet provides a birds-eye-view of the following figures and forecasts:

  • Historical financial records
  • Current balances
  • Income gap analysis (for retirement years)
  • Performance tracking
  • Portfolio allocation details
  • Risk tolerance
  • Wealth transfer plans
  • Life and disability insurance information
  • Asset “bucket” strategy/planning
  • List of expectations and obligations (between Storen and our clients)
  • On-going tracking of client goals
  • Beneficiary information

The balance sheet helps us see those individual financial elements in the context of the bigger picture–instead of just investments, which gives a more accurate and comprehensive view of your financial well-being and progress toward specific goals. After all, you would want your builder to provide a comprehensive blueprint for your entire home–not just a handful of rooms.

The Balance Sheet as a Living Document

Please keep in mind that the balance sheet is what we call a ‘living document’. There will be some changes along the way, and we have the ability to address those changes as they appear. One other important obligation we have as a Fiduciary is to actively monitor/review the blueprints, and consider if tweaks are needed. For this reason, the balance sheet needs to be reviewed annually, at a minimum, and is always the foundation of our annual review meetings with clients. Click here to learn more about what’s involved in an annual review.

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Blog by Matt Wilson – Portfolio Analyst

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