Pricing for Services

At Storen Financial, we strongly believe in providing professional advice and service at a reasonable price. We know you have many options available to you but we believe you will be pleasantly surprised with our pricing and the amount of time we can save you.


For individual tax preparation, we charge by the form—that means you are only charged for the work we actually do for you.

Our minimum fee for a Federal Return, Indiana State and County and Electronic Filing is $150, while our average fee is between $250 - $350. This could be higher if you have several forms or if you have a Schedule C Small Business, rental properties, a large amount of stock trades or multiple state returns. Your return is unique to you so it is difficult for us to quote you an exact cost, but one of our preparers would be happy to provide a price range based on your specific situation.

Unable to pay at time of service? Please ask about Refund Advantage, where our fee is pulled from your refund, to see if it's the right solution for you.


Our minimum fee for a Partnership or Corporation Return is $375. The price is based on the length of time required to complete the return and the complexity of your return. Here are some things that could affect your price:

  1. Do you require us to review your bookkeeping or software to get financial statements?
  2. Did your business have fixed asset purchases or sales?
  3. Do you have inventory or cost of goods sold?
  4. Are you organized?
  5. Did you have a change in partners/owners?

One of our preparers would be happy to provide a price range based on your specific situation.


Every business is different but these are our minimum fees for services:


    • Monthly Data Entry  —  $35/hour
    • Set up/Projects/Analysis  —  $75/hour

Quarterly Payroll Filings  —  $125

Business Set up/Consultation  —  $75/hour

Business Personal Prop Tax Return  —  $105

Accounting Software Training/Set up

    • At our office  —  $75/hour
    • At your office  —  $95/hour


    • Returns originally completed by our office  —  $50
    • Returns not originally completed by our office  —  $150

Audits (IRS, Indiana, Workforce Development)  —  $120/hour


These services are not offered through INVEST.

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