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At Storen Financial, we strongly believe in providing professional advice and service at a reasonable price. We know you have many options available to you but we believe you will be pleasantly surprised with our pricing and the amount of time we can save you.


For individual tax preparation, we charge by the form—that means you are only charged for the work we actually do for you.

Our minimum fee for a Federal Return, Indiana State and County and Electronic Filing is $150, while our average fee is between $300 - $400. This could be higher if you have several forms or if you have a Schedule C Small Business, rental properties, a large amount of stock trades or multiple state returns. Your return is unique to you so it is difficult for us to quote you an exact cost, but one of our preparers would be happy to provide a price range based on your specific situation. For preparation of prior year returns, we will require a $250 upfront retainer fee per year.


Our minimum fee for a Partnership or Corporation Return is $475. The price is based on the length of time required to complete the return and the complexity of your return. Here are some things that could affect your price:

  1. Do you require us to review your bookkeeping or software to get financial statements?
  2. Did your business have fixed asset purchases or sales?
  3. Do you have inventory or cost of goods sold?
  4. Are you organized?
  5. Did you have a change in partners/owners?

One of our preparers would be happy to provide a price range based on your specific situation.


Every trust tax return is unique to the situation and requires a great deal of set up and preparation.  We will need to review the trust documents and gather information on all beneficiaries and participants prior to preparing the actual trust tax return.  Due to the complicated nature of setting up a trust return in the first year, we ask that you provide the documentation prior to December 31st of the year it is established.  This will allow us the appropriate time to research the legal documentation and consult with your attorney.  If you are unable to provide the newly established trust information prior to December 31st, we will be happy to extend the return and give the trust our full attention after April 15th.

Initial Set up Fee for first year  -  $500

Minimum yearly preparation fee  -  $350


Every business is unique so the pricing listed is the MINIMUM fees for our services:

1099 Preparation

Before Jan 15th  -  $120 + $5 per payee

After Jan 15th  -  $240 + $5 per payee


Initial Set up Fee  -  $250

Monthly data entry  -  $35/hour

Set up/Projects/Analysis  -  $75/hour

Financial Stmt Preparation  -  $120/hour

Business Consultation/Entity Review  -  $120/hour

Business Personal Prop Tax Return  -  $150/location

Accounting Software Training/Setup

At our office  -  $75/hour

At your office  -  $150/hour plus travel time


Returns originally prepared by our office  -  $60

Returns not originally prepared by our office  -  $250

Audits (IRS, Indiana, State Unemployment, Ins)  -  $120/hour

Tax Preparation Meet & Greets  -  Our pleasure

Tax Consultations  -  $120/hour

Not-for-Profits Tax Returns  -  Please contact our office

Prior Year Returns  -  $250 non-refundable retainer per year

Extension for Non-Clients  -  $100

Extension Payment Projections  -  $60

IN Business Entity Report Filing  -  $50 + filing fee

Business Set-ups (Form 2553 and Tax ID#)  -  $250

Individual Tax Return Review  -  $75

Business Tax Return Review  -  $250

Tax Projections  -  $250

BC-100 Preparation  -  $100 per tax type

Response Letters to Notices  -  $120       


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