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Upload and Download All of Your Client Documentation

What is eFileCabinet?

The Storen Financial eFileCabinet is an online filing cabinet for all of your financial documents. Access all of your completed tax returns, statements, business reports and other financial documents here. This online tool is also the best way to send us your documents safe and securely. Simply upload them to the portal (as easy as ‘drag and drop’ to the ‘Send my Files to Storen’ folder) and they are instantly accessible to our team.

Why is this eFileCabinet account important to you?

Once our team sets up your eFileCabinet account, you will have access to all of your financial documents at any time. Freely download any and all returns or reports when it is convenient for you. And, as a best practice, simply drop documents needed for future tax returns or financial meetings here as you receive them. For example, receive a Q2 quarterly payroll report, drop it in the folder for the next tax season. Receive a 1099 form? Drop it in your folder when it’s ready. This will help you collect everything you need all in one place!


Initial eFileCabinet Client Portal Setup:

1) The Storen Financial team will setup your eFileCabinet client portal using your preferred email address.
2) We will notify you when this process has been completed.
3) You will then need to reset your password in order to access the documents.


How to Reset Your Password:

1) Visit the eFileCabinet client portal link (click here).
2) Click “forgot password”.
3) Enter your email address. (Please note this must be your preferred email address we used in the initial setup.)
4) Choose the token option “email” when prompted. (A “token” is a temporary password or verification code.)
5) Watch for the email from eFileCabinet. Click password recovery link in the email or copy/paste the “token” code.
6) Create your new password (Please create a strong password as this is a direct link to access your financial information. Use upper and lower case letters, characters and numbers.)
7) Accept terms of use in order to proceed (initial setup only).
8) Login with your new password.


How to Navigate eFileCabinet:

There are a lot of different ways to use this tool, but here are the basic ways to navigate to the information you need…

File Folder Icons

  • These are the folders with information in your digital file cabinet.
  • Dark icon indicates there are files in this folder.
  • White icon indicates that the folder is empty.
  • Double click on the folder to access the information.

File Folder Names

  • Storen = Initial folder location for downloading  (eBinder) or uploading (Send my Files to Storen) your documents.
  • eBinder = Location where your digital files are stored.
  • Send my Files to Storen = Location where you drag/drop or upload your files to send to us securely.
  • Why do I have multiple folders? = If you own a business, you will have multiple folders with the same name, as individual and business documents are separate.

Uploading Files

  • Double click on the Send my Files to Storen folder name.
  • Inside this folder you are able to drag and drop your files or click the file icon in the center to select files from your computer for upload.
  • Once files are uploaded and appear in the Send my Files to Storen folder, you’re done and they are now accessible to our team.
  • A Storen team member will reach out to you as soon as possible to let you know we’ve received all of your documents.

Accessing Files

  • Double click on the eBinder folder name. Inside this folder are additional folders (Tax, Investment, etc). Double click on the folder you want to access. Inside that folder, documents are broken down by year. Double click the year you want to access.
  • To view the pdf document, you will need to download it. Double click the pdf to start the download.

Navigating Backward

  • Click the “crumb trail” at the top to move backward out of the folders.  (For example, if you are in your Tax folder for 2020 – “Storen > -eBinder > Tax > 2020” – Click ‘Storen’ to go back to the beginning. Or click ‘Tax’ to go back to the Tax folder in order to click on another year.)
  • Or click the Storen Financial logo at the top to go to the beginning folder, i.e. Storen.


*Please note these instructions are for the desktop application only.

If you have any questions about this process, click here to contact us.


Blog by Amy White – Technology Director

Learn more about Amy and the rest of the Storen Financial team here.