Featured Business for the Month of January


Here To There Movers


Joshua Baxter, Owner

“I can remember getting introduced to Kim. She was in the process of her taking on accounts from another accountant as he was retiring. That seems like such a long time ago now. Well over a decade ago. We were such a small company then. Having started my company straight out of high school, my books were messy to say the least… I’m sure I was not the ideal client. She was so kind and patient with us. We have grown ten fold since then. At one point, we had 15 locations running in 7 states. She and the rest of her staff have held our hands the entire way. She has even helped my wife transition into our company as controller while managing English as her second language. If i remember correctly, she attended my wedding…. I have nothing but faith in her at this point, and while she will sometimes delegate my needs to her staff, I always feel well taken care of. Recently, she and I have been working to plan for my exit from working day to day, and how to best fund a sailing trip around the world. Thank you so much for everything…”