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Blog by Rob Dukes – Storen Financial Junior Accountant

When people think of taxes, they think of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Most people believe if they are to pay someone to prepare their taxes that person must be a CPA, when actually that person doesn’t need any designation at all.

At Storen Financial, we have both Enrolled Agents (EA) and CPAs on staff all year long. The EA exam is a three part federal exam through the IRS that focuses specifically on taxation, where the CPA exam is a state designation that focuses on all aspects of accounting. Like attorneys and CPAs, Enrolled Agents have unlimited practice rights.

The chart breaks down all the rights for a person with no designation, EA, and CPA.

Enrolled Agent designation is the highest credential the IRS awards. Once obtaining an EA designation, an individual must adhere to ethical standards and complete a minimum of 72 hours of IRS approved continuing education every three years.

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