Are you moving?

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June 8, 2017

Summertime and the houses are selling fast this year! Are you moving?

If you are moving to a new house because you are starting a new job--or your job changed locations--some of your expenses could be deductible.

You will want to check with your tax professional first, but you can keep in mind the three main requirements as listed in the IRS Publication 521:

1) Your move is closely related to the start of work

2) You meet the distance test

3) You meet the time test


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Reminder: If you change your mailing address, you will need to notify the IRS using Form 8822, fittingly called "Change of Address." Remember to mail it to the IRS Service Center of your old address--they are listed on the back of the form. If you need help, just call us, we can assist.



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