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Are YOU wearing too many hats?

A common occurrence we encounter is working with a business owner who has become truly overwhelmed. They go into business because they are really good at something or they offer a great product or service. Before they know it, they are wearing an abundance of hats, from running the business, to tax strategy, managing the books and everything that goes into having a profitable business. This is where we come in!

Our Business Services Team went all-out with a skit performance at our All-Team meeting (you can read about this meeting here) to demonstrate the multiple ways that we can relieve a business owner of many of the hats they currently wear.

Selecting your business entity
This is an important decision for a business as it can have far-reaching legal and tax consequences. We can help you decide which option makes the most sense for your business.

Cleaning up your books
Our bookkeeping team is equipped to get you caught up and on track.

Monthly Bookkeeping
We have multiple QuickBooks Certified Advisors on staff to keep your books clean and accurate.

Understanding Financials
We can provide you with monthly financial statements, which offer a snapshot of the financial health of your business. We can review these and offer insight into its performance and cash flow.

Tax projections
Our tax preparers can advise you on quarterly estimated taxes, in order to plan for your tax return and eliminate any surprises.

Tax compliance
We know the rules and regulations to keep you and your business safe, secure and on track.

Understanding your cash flow and profitability
We will send and review your monthly financial statements to provide a solid understanding about your company’s revenue, expense, profitability and debt.

Retirement planning 
Our employer-sponsored retirement planning specialist, can guide you through options and set you up with a sound retirement plan.

Running your business
Now that you are freed up and have time for this most important hat, we will leave that hat to you!

If YOU are wearing too many hats, give our Business Services team a call or learn more about our Business Services here.


Blog by Debbi Kuller – Business Services Director

Learn more about Debbi and the rest of the Storen Financial team here.